Praseodymium (Pr)

  • Praseodymium (III) Fluoride (PrF3)
    Praseodymium (III) Fluoride (PrF3), also called praseodymium trifluoride, is a green crystalline solid and slightly soluble in water. Praseodymium Fluoride, is the main raw materials for making Praseodymium Metal, and also applied in colour glasses and enamels; when mixed with certain other materials
  • Praseodymium (Pr) Metal
    Material Type: Praseodymium Metal Melting Point (C): 935 C Symbol: Pr Boiling Point (C): 3127 C Atomic Number: 59 Density: 6.77 gm/cm3 Praseodymium metal is a soft, silvery, malleable and ductile metal, valued for its magnetic, electrical, chemical, and optical properties. It is too reactive to be f
  • Praseodymium (Pr) Sputtering Targets
    Praseodymium is the third member of the lanthanide series. In the periodic table, it appears between the lanthanides cerium to its left and neodymium to its right, and above the actinide protactinium. It is a ductile metal with a hardness comparable to that of silver. Its 59 electrons are arranged i
  • Praseodymium Acetate (Pr(C2H3O2)3•4H2O)
    Molecular formula: Pr(C2H3O2)34H2O Molecular Weight: 389.91 CAS NO. : 6192-12-7 Appearance properties: green crystals; freely soluble in water; deliquescent; sealed preservation. Purpose: to manufacture catalysts, optical glasses, magnetic materials and chemical reagents, etc. Package: vacuum packag
  • Praseodymium Hydroxide (Pr(HO)3 )
    Molecular formula: Pr(HO)3 Molecular Weight: 213.20 CAS NO. : 16469-16-2 Appearance properties: pink granular or powder, soluble in acids and insoluble in water. Purpose: to manufacture catalysts, intermediates of Praseodymium salt and magnetic materials, etc. Package: paper barrel packageing: 25 or
  • Praseodymium Sulfate (Pr2(SO4)3•8H2O)
    Molecular Formula: Pr2(SO4)38H2O Molecular Weight: 713.80 CAS NO. : 10277-44-8 Appearance properties: green crystals; soluble in water; deliquescent; sealed preservation. Purpose: to manufacture intermediates of praseodymium compounds and chemical reagents, etc. Package: vacuum packaging:1, 2, 5, 25