Strontium (Sr)

  • Barium Strontium Titanate (Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3) Sputtering Targets
    To meet cutting edge RD needs or large production requirements, AEMProduct offers a full range of product and service solutions for high-purity PVD sputtering targets or evaporation materials. We also have an experienced technical team developing innovative new products. We can fabricate most materi
  • Chromium Silicide (CrSi2) Sputtering Targets
    Silicides are the product of chemical reactions of metals with silicon. Transition metal silicides have attracted special attention for scientific study and industrial application due to their promising electrical and mechanical properties and their high thermal and chemical stability. Furthermore,
  • Strontium (Sr) Sputtering Targets
    Strontium is a chemical element with symbol Sr and atomic number 38. An alkaline earth metal, strontium is a soft silver-white yellowish metallic element that is highly reactive chemically. The metal forms a dark oxide layer when it is exposed to air. Strontium has physical and chemical properties s
  • Strontium Ruthanate (SrRuO3) Sputtering Targets
    Strontium Ruthanate (SRO) is an oxide of strontium and rutheniumwith the chemical formulaSr 2 RuO 4 . S trontium ruthenate compounds were thought to be relatable to the high- T c superconductors: both kinds of material are highly two-dimensional, and the crystal structure of Sr 2 RuO 4 is almost ide
  • Strontium Titanate (SrTiO3) Sputtering Targets
    Strontium titanate is an oxide of strontium and titanium with the chemical formula SrTiO3. At room temperature, it is a centrosymmetric paraelectric material with a perovskite structure. At low temperatures it approaches a ferroelectric phase transition with a very large dielectric constant ~104 but
  • Strontium Zirconate (SrZrO3) Sputtering Targets
    Strontium Zirconate (Strontium Zirconium Oxide) is generally immediately available in most volumes. High purity, submicron and nanopowderforms may be considered. Material Notes Strontium Zirconate Sputtering Target, Purity is 99.9%;Circular: Diameter = 14inch, Thickness = 1mm; Block: Length = 32inch