• Rhenium Crucible
    Description We are a global supplier of Rhenium (Re) Crucibles and we can provide customized Rhenium products. Rhenium (Re) Crucibles is a silvery metallic Crucibles and manufactured from pure Rhenium (Re) metal. Specification Shape and size can be customized, density 18.8g/cc min, purity 99.99% min
  • Rhenium Diboride
    Description Rhenium diboride (ReB2) is a synthetic superhard material. It was first synthesized in 1962 and re-emerged recently due to hopes of achieving high hardness comparable to that of diamond. However, the ultrahigh hardness has not been confirmed. The production method of this material does n
  • Rhenium Foil
    Description Rhenium foil is mainly used for chemical vapor phase deposition coating and film(CVD) and physical vapor deposition(PVD) procss, including hot electron beam evaporation, low temperature organic evaporation, atomic layer deposition(ALD) and metal organic chemical vapor deposition product(
  • Rhenium Metal Powder
    Description Retaining its crystalline structure at temperatures up to its melting point, rhenium is gray to black in powder form, silvery-white and lustrous as a solid. It does not occur naturally. Rhenium has one of the highest densities, exceeded only by platinum, iridium, and osmium. Only tungste
  • Rhenium Ribbon
    Description Only we deliver ultra-pure grades of Rhenium Ribbon, both commercial and zone refined. Our commercial grade Rhenium Ribbon is 99.99% and our zone refined ribbon is 99.995% pure on a metallic content basis. Both grades may be ordered in either random lengths or specific cut lengths to cus
  • Rhenium Rod & Bar
    Description Pure Rhenium Rod (99.99% pure), offers high ductility and strength, designed for various applications such as satellite positioning nozzles, aerospace propulsion components and other demanding parts that must withstand extreme thermal shock, high temperature and stress applications. We a
  • Rhenium Sheet & Plate
    Description Rhenium Plate used to make high temperature heating parts need to work under particular conditions, e.g. semiconductor industry. Compared with other materials, pure rhenium heaters have the outstanding properties of better electric performance. Rhenium sputter target can be used to make
  • Rhenium Sputtering Target
    Description Rhenium Sputtering target is a new type of Physical Vapor Deposition(PVD) method. It is widly used in: flat panel displays, glass industry(include architectural glass,automotive glass,optical film glass),solar cells,surface engineering, recording media,microelectronics, automotive lights
  • Rhenium Strip
    Description We are a global supplier of Rhenium (Re) Strip and we can provide customized Rhenium products. Rhenium (Re) Strip is a silvery metallic strip and manufactured from pure Rhenium (Re) metal. Basic Information Product Name: Rhenium Strip Material: Rhenium Metal Standard: Re99.95%; Re99.99%
  • Rhenium Wire
    Description Rhenium Wire is used to manufacture filaments for mass spectrometers and ion gauges as well as medical applications. Rhenium has the third-highest melting point and highest boiling point of any element. The major use of Rhenium is for jet engine and chemical industrys catalytic uses bein