• Nitinol Wire
    Description: Nitinol wire is a metal alloy, sometimes also called Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) wire. Nitinol is an example of a smart material that undergoes changes between two solid phases, called the austenite and martensite phases, that involve rearrangement of its atoms within its crystal lattice.
  • Titanium Bar
    Description: We stock a wide range of titanium bar, including a complete line of commercially pure and medical titanium bar. We can produce our products to your precise dimensions. Titanium Forged Bar, Titanium Rolled Bar, Square Titanium Bar all can be met. It can be supplied in random lengths or c
  • Titanium Bolts-fasteners
    Description: Our titanium bolts are Hot forged for higher strength, instead of Machined head. We focuses on supplying high quality Titanium Fasteners products to worldwide customers at competitive prices. Non-standard and special size is available according to your drawing or requirement. Specificat
  • Titanium Fittings
    Description: Titanium Fittings are available with us in different sizes, length, forms and types in accordance with the divergent demands of the clients. These titanium fittings are known for their wonderful features like specific design, corrosion abrasion resistance and durable finishes. Dimension
  • Titanium Flange
    Description: We inventory and supply titanium flange. Slip-on, blind, weld becks, orifice, and lap joint flanges are available with custom flanges being available through our machine shop. Sealing Surface FF, RF, LJ, TG, FM, and R.T.J. etc Process Push, Press, Forge, Cast, etc Diameter Range DN15-DN
  • Titanium Foil
    Description: Our commitment to providing titanium foil products with the highest quality is the cornerstone of our success. TNTI strives to provide our customers with personalized material solutions designed to suit their needs and manufacturing processes. Features: Corrosion resistance Low modulus
  • Titanium Mesh
    Description: We can provide titanium sheet mesh which is expended from titanium sheet, titanium wire mesh that weaved by titanium wire and titanium stamped mesh with circular holes, minimum opening is 1mm diameter. Titanium mesh baskets and MMO mesh anodes made from titanium mesh are also available.
  • Titanium plate
    Description: The titanium plate we provide offers unsurpassable strength and corrosion resistance for demanding projects. TNTI manufacture both pure titanium plate and titanium alloy plate to ASTM B265, ASME SB265 standards and other regional standards. We have a wealth of experience in titanium pla
  • Titanium Rod
    Description: We stock a wide range of titanium rod, including a complete line of commercially pure and medical titanium rod. Titanium connecting rod, titanium rod in femur, titanium welding rod, titanium filler rod, titanium threaded rod, Nitinol rod etc, can all be met. It can be supplied in random
  • Titanium sheet
    Description: Titanium sheet is engineered to international standards and specifications and undergo the highest level of quality control. Engineering standards defining the chemical composition, mechanical property and the tolerance of sheets are complemented with fully independent testing. Descript
  • Titanium Sputtering Targets
    Description: Titanium is a common material found in a myriad of products including watches, drill bits, laptops, and bicycles, just to name a few. In pure form, it is lustrous and silvery-white in appearance. It has a melting point of 1,660C, a density of 4.5 g/cc, and a vapor pressure of 10-4 Torr
  • Titanium strip
    Description: Our wide range of equipment and capabilities makes us uniquely equipped on rolling precision titanium strip to exacting dimensions. Commercially pure or unalloyed titanium strip has outstanding corrosion resistance making it the preferred material for many applications in chemical proce
  • Titanium Tube
    Description: Titanium tubing are delivered in straight lengths or as U-bent tubing. Titanium spiral tubing, titanium capillary tubing are available by requirement. All the Titanium Tubing offered by us will pass strict test process. Features: Low density, High specific strength, Excellent corrosive
  • Titanium Wire
    Decription: We stock a wide range of titanium wire, including a complete line of commercially pure titanium wire and medical titanium wire. It can be supplied in random lengths or cut into fixed lengths. Feature: Low Density and High Specification Strength Excellent Corrosion Resistance Good resista
  • Titaniuml Powder
    Description: Titanium Powder is one of our main products, Its produced by hydride-dehydride (HDH) technics. We adopt some special procedure control and facilities to make sure low oxygen content. Applications: Powder Metallurgy, Biomedical, Automotive/motor Parts, Sputter targets, AerospaceDefense,