Cerium (Ce) Metal

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Material Type: Lanthanum Metal Melting Point (°C): 920 °C
Symbol: La Boiling Point (°C): 3464 °C
Atomic Number: 57 Density:  6.162 g/cm3

Lanthanum metal is a pale gray, elastic rare earth metal that oxidizes immediately upon contact with air and reacts with water to form hydroxide. Lanthanum Metal is the very important raw materials in producing Hydrogen Storage Alloys for NiMH batteries, and is also used to produce other pure Rare Earth metals and specialty alloys. Small amounts of Lanthanum added to Steel improves its malleability, resistance to impact, and ductility; Small amounts of Lanthanum are present in many pool products to remove the Phosphates that feed algae. Lanthanum Metal can be further processed to various shapes of ingots, pieces, wires, foils, slabs, rods, discs and powder.

Material: La

Color: Silvery Gray for metal, Dark Brown for powder

Lanthanum Metal Shape:

• Irregular pieces of approx 250g or 500g
• Bars, diameter from 12.7 mm (min. length 10 mm / approx. 7–10 g to max. 120 mm / approx. 95–100 g)
• Wire, minimum diameter 2.3 mm
• Powder

Lanthanum Metal Purity:

2N-6N, or customized

Specifications of Lanthanum Metal:

Description Purity
Lanthanum Metal 2N,3N,4N
Lanthanum Metal Powder 2N,3N,4N,5N
Lanthanum Metal Target 3N,4N,5N,6N

Applications of Lanthanum Metal:

1. Lanthanum-Nickel alloy is used to store hydrogen gas for use in hydrogen-powered vehicles.
2. Lanthanum is found in anode of nickel metal hydride batteries used in hybrid cars.
3. Lanthanum is used as petroleum cracking catalyst splitting of long chain hydrocarbons into shorter chained species.
4. Lanthanum is used in making light vision goggles (infrared-absorbing glass).
5. Lanthanum oxide is contained in high quality cameras and telescope lenses making use of its high refractive index and low dispersion.
6. Lanthanum carbonate is used in reducing blood levels of phosphate in patients with kidney disease.
7. Lanthanum compounds are also used in some pool products to reduce the level of phosphate nutrients that algae feed on.
8. Lanthanum’s small amount is added to steel in order to improve its malleability, resistance to impact and ductility, whereas addition of lanthanum to molybdenum decreases its hardness and sensitivity to temperature variations.
9. Lanthanum chloride is used in phosphor lamp coating.
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