Holmium Sulfate (Ho2(SO4)3•8H2O)

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Molecular Formula: Ho2(SO4)3•8H2O 
Molecular Weight: 757.00 
CAS NO. : 10031-50-2 
Appearance properties: turquoise crystals; soluble in water; deliquescent; sealed preservation.
Purpose: to manufacture intermediates of Holmium compounds and chemical reagents, etc.

vacuum packaging:1, 2, 5, 25 or 50 kilos per piece.
paper bareel packageing: 25 or 50 kilos per pieces.
woven sack pacjaging: 25, 50, 500 or 1000 kilos per pieces.
Remarks: The products can be produced and packaged based on the specifications required by users.
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