Molybdenum Tungsten Alloy

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Mo-W alloy introduction:

Mo-W alloy is one kind of alloy which is composed of molybdenum and tungsten. The manufacturing process of Mo, W alloy is similar to that of molybdenum and molybdenum alloy. Mo, W alloy is made by powder metallurgic method. Mo-W alloy can be processed into rod, plate and wire.


Mo, W alloy can be used in a higher temperature than molybdenum and molybdenum alloy. Mo, W alloy can be applied for gas rudder and guard board of solid rocket engine and other components, high temperature components of missile and electronic tube filament.


Mo-W alloy is available in sheet and rod form in basically the same size range as molybdenum with the exception of thin foil. AEM is experienced in the fabrication of Mo-W alloy products. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our Mo-W alloy products.

Chemical Composition:

Element Content (%)
Molybdenum, Mo 70
Tungsten, W 30
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