Niobium Powder

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Description of Niobium Powder:

Niobium is a lustrous, grey, ductile, paramagnetic metal. It is characterized by a high melting point of 2,477°C and a density of 8.58g/cm³. Niobium can be easily formed, even at low temperatures. Niobium has physical and chemical properties similar to those of the element tantalum, and the two are therefore difficult to distinguish. Like tantalum, niobium also features outstanding chemical and oxidation resistance.
Niobium can be electrically heated and anodized to a wide variety of colors that makes it very attractive in the jewelry industry. Niobium is added to iron or nickel to produce alloys in the aerospace, medical and electronics industries. 90% Niobium was used in the production of high-grade structural steel, followed by its use in superalloys.
AEM can provide niobium metal powders as well as niobium semi-finished and finished products with high quality and competitive prices.
Below are some of our standard niobium products. If you require some custom products, please contact us.

Niobium Powder (Metallurgical Grade)

Purity: Nb >99% (Metal basis)
Particle size: -150mesh or -325mesh
Impurities: Ta < 0.5%, O < 0.5%, H < 0.005%, N < 0.1%, C < 0.04%, F < 0.05%

Niobium Powder (High Purity Grade)

Purity: Nb >99.8% (Metal basis, excluding Ta)
Particle size: -150mesh or -325mesh
Impurities: Ta < 0.15%, O < 0.3%, H < 0.005%, N < 0.01%, C < 0.05%, F < 0.02%


Niobium powder is mainly used as additives to various alloys and raw materials to produce welding rods and refractory materials, etc.


Packed with plastic bottles in cartons.
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