Aluminum Scandium (Al/Sc 98/2 wt%) Sputtering Targets

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AEMProduct’s Scandium Aluminum alloys developed for high and very high-strength extrusions, offering exceptionally high fatigue properties and the same positive manufacturing propensities.

Advanced Engineering Materials’ customized sputtering targets have been accepted in a wide range of applications from Magnetic Data Storage, Glass, Electronics / Semiconductor, Photovoltaics, Display, Solar Thermal and Wear Resistance to name but a few. AEMProduct provides Ceramic and Metal targets for use in Sputtering and Laser Ablation systems. We are producing high-quality sputtering targets made out of all kinds of materials ranging from precious metals, pure metals, alloys, ceramics, cermets, borides, oxides, carbides, nitrides, silicides and fluorides. Our fabrication methods vary from vacuum melting and rolling, hot pressing, vacuum hot pressing, special press sintered process, forging, hot isostatic pressing, cold isostatic pressing and cold press sintering. Materials are available in purities ranging from 99.9% to 99.9999% and are available for all sputtering systems – round, rectangular, S-Gun, Delta, and Ring. Custom designs are also available upon request.

Purity:99.9% ~ 99.99%
Part No:AEMST-AlSc

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