Cerium (Ce) Sputtering Targets

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Cerium is an iron-grey lustrous metal, and is malleable and oxidises very readily at room temperature, especially in moist air. It is the most reactive of the rare earth metals except for europium. Both alkali and acid solutions attack the metals rapidly. The pure metal is likely to ignite if scratched with a knife-like instrument.

Cerium has a variable electronic structure, which means only small amounts of energy are required to change the relative occupancy of the electronic levels. This gives rise to dual valency states. An example of this is when cerium is subjected to high pressure or low temperatures a volume change of approximately 10% results.

Cerium exhibits complex low temperature behaviour. It is believed that there are four allotropic modifications:


Cerium is a component in misch-metal (German for mixed–metal), which is used in the manufacture of:

Other uses for cerium and cerium containing compounds include:

Available Products

Cerium (Ce) Plate Targets, Cerium (Ce) Round Targets, Cerium (Ce) Evaporation Materials
Cerium (Ce) Round Targets: Diameter <14inch, Thickness >3mm
Cerium (Ce) Plate Targets: Length <32inch, Width <12inch, Thickness >3mm
Cerium (Ce) Evaporation Materials: 1-3mm pellets, 3-8mm pellets



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