Chromium Boride (CrB2) Sputtering Targets

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Chromium diborides are hard materials with excellent resistance to corrosion and good thermal conductivity.
CrB2 is used in plasma technology and for high-performance electrodes in electron microscopes, metal matrix composites (MMCs), cutting tools and cermets for machining aluminum

Available Products

Chromium Boride (CrB2) Plate Targets, Chromium Boride (CrB2) Round Targets, Chromium Boride (CrB2) Evaporation Materials
Chromium Boride (CrB2) Round Targets: Diameter <14inch, Thickness >3mm
Chromium Boride (CrB2) Plate Targets: Length <32inch, Width <12inch, Thickness >3mm
Chromium Boride (CrB2) Evaporation Materials: 1-3mm pellets, 3-8mm pellets

Part No: AEMST-CrB2

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